Power-packed, Bite-sized Content Wins in 2019

Content in 2019

Various workplace training industry surveys show that modern learners are living a fast-paced lifestyle and therefore they demand mobile learning that they can consume on-the-go and they prefer microlearning, which is strategic and laser-focused on the essential content, with no frills!


It's therefore not surprising to find anecdotal evidence to support these trends in the ranking of the top 5 most popular SimTutor blog posts in 2019. In January 2020, we rebranded this website to represent our parent company, SimTutor


Top US Scores#1

The most popular SimTutor blog post was this infographic:

Major Shift in Learning in the US


SimTutor cherry-picked the most significant US data from a global learner survey.

The trend is very clear. Learners say that technology matters but developing human skills is equally important for future workplace success. There is a major shift towards DIY education. 



HANDS ON (2)#2


Following the trend, number two was another infographic:

Why You Should Use Simulation eLearning for Training


This infographic highlights on the most significant benefits of simulation training.




Four Industries that Can Benefit from Simulation eLearning


Rehearsing in safe virtual training grounds replicating real-world environments builds news learners’ confidence, enhances experienced workers’ skills, and elevates performance at both individual and team levels. 

This blog post looks at four industries where simulation elearning helps learners practice effectively while reducing training costs and risks for the organization. 




How to Use Positive Emotions to Optimize Learning


positive-600x260Research shows that emotions can either promote or hinder learning. Positive emotions improve neuro-agility, which is the flexibility to learn new skills, attitudes and behaviors fast. This article offers tips to make training a positive and powerful learning experience.




rescueTop Tips to Create Mission Critical Training


Mission critical training enables people to handle high-risk and intense scenarios. It has a massive impact on the lives of the public as well as on the environment. This training should provide real-life situations and contexts, not only theoretical instructional material. 


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