Company Offers Basic and Specialized Healthcare Training Modules for Clinical Skill-Building

A nurse during Covid

As new and retired healthcare workers worldwide join the COVID-19 workforce and in support of their training needs, SimTutor Inc is offering access to its library of nearly 200 online simulation-based training modules at special low pricing. These online training simulations can ready graduating students for patient care as well as provide healthcare professionals access to clinical skills refresher or satisfy competency training requirements from any location, anytime. For details, contact [email protected].

“We are a proven company with a talented team that wants to provide relief, value and support to healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Clancy Marshall, CEO of SimTutor. “What we know best is simulation training. Our solution can sharpen skills, expand knowledge and prepare the healthcare workforce for the long road ahead. Students, new recruits, the experienced, the retired and the tired will improve and master healthcare procedures in a quiet, low-stress virtual setting to focus on skill-building toward perfecting their medical competence.”

Available Healthcare eLearning Modules

SimTutor is offering affordable pricing and free educator access from its SIMTICS product library to institutions seeking an online simulation solution as an option for students and healthcare workers. The simulations, accessible anywhere and anytime, include a range of healthcare procedures including assessing vital signs, basic life support, arterial line insertion, venipuncture, ultrasound scanning, x-ray procedures and laboratory sample collection. SimTutor’s products are used and trusted by over 150 education institutions in the U.S. and thousands of students and professionals worldwide.

Brian Dickens, MBA, Ph.D., is a long-time academic healthcare program director in Florida and is impacted by the COVID-19 campus closures. He quickly shifted instruction to a virtual format by using SimTutor’s Medical Assisting product as an adjunct to externship, to aid clinical classes, and to allow students to achieve skills check-off so they can prepare to enter the workforce.

“Virtual training is a huge help right now for teaching from home and students not having physical access to equipment for clinical classes,” said Dickens. “We just adopted the SIMTICS modules for our Medical Assisting program and graduating students began using the system within a couple of days. Our Sonography and Phlebotomy programs are using the solution too. These simulation-based resources are great for visual learners, building critical thinking plus students can print certificates from the completed modules for their portfolios.”

Free Healthcare Training Modules

SimTutor created three free healthcare procedure simulations for workers caring for patients with infectious diseases: 

  1. Hand hygiene with soap and water
  2. Hand hygiene with hand sanitizer
  3. How to don and doff the required personal protection equipment (PPE) for isolation protocol


SimTutor Inc Formed to Offer Comprehensive Virtual Simulation Solutions

SimTutor Inc announces its formation to leverage the expertise and talent of sister organizations, SIMTICS and SimTutor LLC. As the new parent company, SimTutor Inc brings a comprehensive virtual simulation training solution — from module concept to content development and creation to deployment — and healthcare module library to support an organization’s online training needs. SimTutor Inc is headquartered in Atlanta. 

  • SIMTICS, operating since 2008, SIMTICS offers nearly 200 simulation-based clinical eLearning modules that are being used by over 150 healthcare education institutions and thousands of students and professionals worldwide. 
  • SimTutor LLC, operating since 2018, becomes SimTutor Author, an authoring platform used to create semi-custom and custom simulations for companies that need specialized training. SIMTICS modules are created using the SimTutor Author authoring platform. 


About SimTutor Inc.

SimTutor Inc creates simulation-based solutions to train and prepare students and professionals for mission-critical moments at the time they need them most. Whether it’s learning a new skill, refining a technique or satisfying regulatory requirements, organizations are assured their students and professionals can learn the right skills, at the right time, from any location in a risk-free, nurturing simulation-based virtual environment. The company’s virtual training modules and authoring platform are trusted by schools, colleges and corporations. To date, over 150 healthcare education institutions and thousands of students and professionals worldwide have been virtually trained with SimTutor solutions. SimTutor’s comprehensive family of solutions makes it easy to deploy from its library of healthcare modules or create semi-custom or custom eLearning modules for specific training needs. or [email protected]

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