SimTutor Author is now available for Microsoft Teams

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SimTutor makes it quick and easy to create and distribute simulations.

Microsoft has named SimTutor Inc a strategic partner and SimTutor Author is now part of the Microsoft Teams ecosystem of apps. This means that you can now author new simulations right inside of Microsoft Teams, collaborate on creating sims with colleagues, and easily distribute sims to team members.

In today’s hybrid and geographically distributed workplace, immersive simulation-based training is often the most engaging and effective way to prepare students and professionals for mission-critical moments. Yet, building customized and effective simulation-based training is usually very expensive and requires technical expertise.

SimTutor Author eliminates both challenges. It is cost effective and intuitive, requiring no coding experience to rapidly build simulations using existing content including videos, illustrations, photos and slides that you already have on-hand and bring them to life as interactive and gradable simulations. If you don’t have the content you need, you can quickly create a PowerPoint, upload it and use SimTutor’s unique simulation builder to create immersive simulated scenario-based training.

Our new integration with Microsoft Teams allows your organization to use all of the collaborative tools in Teams to create powerful learning experiences for your workforce. Teams can be used to distribute simulations and while each learner will have their own gradable instance of each simulation, they can work together or with an instructor over a video conference or chat. Those same collaborative tools can be used to enable your instructional team to work collaboratively to build your simulations.

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SimTutor Inc is a global leader in simulation-based learning.

SimTutor Author is an authoring tool designed to help you build interactive procedural simulations and branched scenarios for any industry where realistic, just-in-time, measurable training is critical. 

SIMTICS is a library of ready-to-use simulations for learning medical and healthcare procedures and skills, powered by SimTutor Author.