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The SimTutor story

The trusted simulation and scenario-based training platform


SimTutor is the trusted simulation and scenario based eLearning platform used by global corporations to drive learning and development across multiple industries.


The learning-by-doing approach, based on learning research and cognitive psychology, makes personalized, self-paced employee training effective and engaging. The deep learning and high retention level achieved, delivers the desired behavior and performance in the workplace. 


SimTutor is driving competence and performance to new levels and building human intelligence into multinational corporations, as well as local businesses in small corners of the planet!


The SimTutor Story

It began in 1998. Doctors George Oosthuizen and John Windsor were frustrated with the way in which medical students were taught to perform complex procedures. Traditional training through face-to-face sessions, workbooks, and written tests was costly, time-consuming and ineffective. 

The pair of doctors turned to technology to create a solution - a solution that combined both theory and practice and improved competence and confidence levels dramatically. 


At this point, SimTutor was born. Created and incubated in New Zealand, today, the platform has evolved into a leading eLearning tool, which is used world-wide across multiple industries.

Build intelligence in your organization with Sim Tutor.

Team Members

Clancy Marshall CEO of SIMTUTOR and SIMTICS

Clancy has over 20 years’ experience and a proven track record of launching innovative start-ups, developing and managing market-leading e-Learning platforms, and founding education technology-based foundations. 

Some of Clancy's previous roles include: Founder of  Cleverywhere, an educational gaming company that prepares students for standardized tests; VP of Global Core Platforms for Pearson, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of the non-profit 20 Million Minds Foundation, and Founder of DynamicBooks, the e-textbook subsidiary of Macmillan Publishers. Outside of work, Clancy enjoys spending time with her family and their many animals.

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Tina Clyma Head of Marketing

Tina has been a marketing professional for almost 15 years, working in the media and services sectors. During that time she has worked on projects ranging from brand and website redesign to MarTech implementation and content strategy. As a seasoned senior marketer, she is passionate about advancing SimTutor's presence and reputation within the eLearning industry. Outside of work, Tina enjoys time with her family and attending hardcore boot camp classes.

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Todd (1)c
Todd Martin Head of Sales

An applied learner himself, Todd desires to make interactive and engaging learning systems available to as many people as possible.

Todd has sold software and technology solutions for the past 14 years, always with a focus on solving business problems for his customers. Away from the office, Todd enjoys his roles as husband and father to four great kids. Favorite activities include house and car projects, traveling, biking, swimming, boating, and generally being outdoors.

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Benny Jekel Customer Success Manager

Benny's role is in the name - all about helping you, the customer, to be successful with our product. With lots of experience with instructional design, media creation, and an especially high knowledge of the SimTutor platform (working with it for 4+ years), he is always keen to help with any questions or issues our clients may have. 

He has a passion for technology - from tech support for friends and family, to PC gaming; but he also enjoys staying very active and he plays a lot of soccer.

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Sachin Arora Product Director

Sachin is an experienced product management professional who is experienced at leading cross-functional teams to success. At SimTutor, he focuses on ensuring that our product offering provides positive customer experience and resolves key customer pain points. When he is not at work you might find him on the ballroom floor enjoying Latin dancing.

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Agnes Haryuni Digital Marketing Executive

Agnes works on all the digital marketing and advertising campaigns for SimTutor. She designs creative advertising for our social media channels and optimizes the website to best serve our visitors. When she is not spying on industry players online, she enjoys creating videos and infographics to promote simulation training in a fun way!

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Dantes Fernandes Head of development

Dantes is passionate about working with cutting-edge technology and pushing forward the limits, with creativity and innovation, helping to shape and contribute to the future of the business.

With 10 years of experience in software development and two postgraduate in Strategic Management of IT and Applied Business, he has added value to three of Brazil's government institutions and helped a startup to build a solid ground-foundation for software development in New Zealand. His interests reside in AI, software automation and technological trends. When not working he's with his family exploring New Zealand or playing with his kids.

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Muhammad Haroon Rasheed Khan QA Manager

Haroon is a qualified software engineer, highly competent in testing, planning, design, documentation, automation, and execution. He has been in software quality assurance, testing and project management roles for the past 16 years.

At SimTutor he is managing quality assurance, testing, process activities and coordinating with other teams on a daily basis. Outside the office he loves to spend time with his family, working on DIY projects and exploring interesting places.

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Shirley Erwee Social Content and Marketing Executive

Shirley is an alternative education and eLearning marketing specialist. She has a passion for researching and promoting educational solutions! She is responsible for articles and social media content, which highlight the latest trends, insight and scientific evidence to help our clients to improve their training.

She enjoys outings to beautiful places with her family and taking photos to prove it!


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Our Board of Directors


Collectively, SimTutor’s board hold decades of international experience in industries ranging from medical devices and health care eLearning to property investment and manufacturing. This breadth of industry knowledge has been a key factor in designing SimTutor to apply across an enormous range of different companies and needs.

Board members

Peter Crosby 1b-1
Peter Crosby Director and Chairman of the Board

Peter has worked in the medical device industry for over 35 years, and has been the CEO of six medical device companies (public and private) in four countries. From an engineering background, he has 30 issued US patents and has brought many products to the world market. Peter has served on the Board of 12 companies, and is or has been Chairman of five.

Since retiring as a full time CEO in 2017, he has started a third career helping other companies develop, prosper and grow, as an advisor, consultant and board member.

Peter loves renovating houses (six so far), and spending time with his children and grandchildren scattered throughout the world.

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Paul Dyson Director

Paul has worked in international technology companies in Australia, UK, France, India and New Zealand and has broad experience in commercialising technologies.

His principle interests are in medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare e-learning and light electric vehicles.  

Paul is also a passionate supporter of the arts, a restaurateur and enjoys spending time outdoors.

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Craig Sinclair Advisor to the Board

Craig has extensive directorship, CEO and executive management experience in a broad range of industries including banking, aviation, multi-channel retails and apparel.

Craig also holds several director positions over a number of early-stage businesses lending them his expertise in growth and management strategies.

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Rick Boven Director

Rick is a professional strategist and management consultant leading Stakeholder Strategies. Rick was previously a partner at The Boston Consulting Group, a director of ASB Bank, the director of think tank, The New Zealand Institute and consultant to several technology companies.

In his spare time, Rick is developing a sustainable farm and writing a book on ideas about the environment. He is an avid runner and tries to stay fit.

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Danny Chan Director

Danny is an experienced director who currently holds a number of directorships across a range of industries. He has extensive experience in accounting, finance, investment management, and education and is also a Member of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet - China Project, the NZ China Executive Council and the NZ Markets Disciplinary Tribunal.

Danny enjoys traveling and playing badminton.

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David Bone Advisor to the Board

David serves as Chairman on Boards of Directors for a number of companies involved in manufacturing, refrigerated logistics, medical training, standards certification and property investment. He has extensive experience in governance, management consulting and strategy.

In his spare time, David enjoys all things to do with boating.

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