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SimTutor Author is an eLearning content creation tool, designed to create life-like simulation training. Supporting LTI and most versions of SCORM, integration is simple and straight forward.

Why use SimTutor Author?

It's simple and quick to plan and create true-to-life custom simulations with SimTutor Author. Our content authoring platform is based on an easy drag-and-drop interface. Everyone within an organization, from senior instructional designers to subject matter experts, can create simulation training that actually works.

There are many more reasons to use SimTutor Author:

  • We have a pedigree in medical and healthcare education. Our platform powers nearly 200 clinical procedural simulations for medical professionals and students
  • SimTutor is intuitive and easy to use - no coding skills required

  • Our unique, branched planning tool allows you to plan and create simulated scenarios 40% faster than other tools

  • Import any form of existing content assets into the library - including slides, PDF, video files and text

  • Our simulation training experts are on hand to guide you through the platform, helping you create your training solutions

  • We are fully SCORM and LTI compliant, integrating with most LMS platforms
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Building solutions for you

Change is inevitable. And where there is change, so must there be new training.

In our dynamic, highly fluid business and learning environments, the demand for training is constant. Organizations with technical and specialty skills experience change due to situation and industry demands, equipment upgrades, new procedures and processes, and certification and recertification requirements. For many organizations, the proficiency of new trainees is mission-critical.

SimTutor can help to create new training modules or build upon existing modules. Our support helps medical and healthcare practioners, firefighters, law enforcement, aviation, construction and machine-based industries.

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See how easy SimTutor brings training to life ...

Experience the ease of creating complex scenario branching with our integrated storyboarding and authoring tool.
Watch how a learner proceeds through a simulated scenario, as he learns and understands the consequences of each path taken.
View the power of simulation - these examples cover the practice of intricate medical procedures, as well as practical work-skill tasks.


What does SimTutor do?

SimTutor Inc. creates simulation-based solutions that train and prepares students and health care professionals to learn a new skill, refine a technique, satisfy a regulatory requirement and other medical tasks. We have been working with and creating simulations for the global healthcare industry since 2008. In fact, the company was founded by two medical professionals who saw the gap between classroom learning and “how” to perform tasks and procedures in real-life clinical settings—especially under pressure and without flaw. Students, new recruits and professionals benefit by reviewing healthcare procedures and processes and testing themselves in a quiet, low-stress virtual setting to focus on skill-building and techniques toward perfecting their skill competence.

What does SimTutor offer its customers?

SimTutor has two simulation module options for customers:

  1. Since 2008, SimTutor Health (formerly known as SIMTICS) has created nearly 200 modules that can be purchased and implemented into a curriculum or professional skills requirement within days. These modules range from radiography to ultrasound to medical assisting to dental assisting. You can access the module library here. SimTutor Health is used by over 150 education institutions in the U.S. and thousands of students and professionals worldwide.
  1. SimTutor Author is a content authoring platform designed to create life-like and immersive simulation-based training. This solution is ideal for semi-custom or custom simulations for tasks that need to be tailored to special requirements and needs. With our easy-to-use authoring tool, customers have the option to create, manage and update their custom modules on their own or use our team of creators to design the module. Customers have been using SimTutor Author since 2018.

Why simulation-based training?

In a word, change. The dynamics of the global market—shifts, disruption and urbanization—are changing how, where and when people work. Workforces need to stay sharp and competent in their skills as training for equipment upgrades, new procedures, certification and recertification requirements are constant and at a faster pace. For many, the need to reskill and upskill workforce training proficiency is mission-critical to the solubility of their organization.  

Simulation-based training is interactive creating real-world experiences that challenge the learner resulting in new or refined skills and critical thinking. These skills can be learned remotely from work, school, home or anywhere there is internet access. 

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