1.11 Fast Follow Release Notes (Sep 18 - Oct 11 2019)

These changes have been made post 1.11 release to fix or improve critical features within our platform.

Release 1.11.1

Date: Sep 18, 2019


Fixed some browser specific issues and a library naming issue


  • Media name not showing in Library | Titles of Media should now be displaying as intended
  • IE11 Help Image Window formatting | Fixed an issue with how the help window displayed
  • Edge Help Image Window formatting | Fixed an issue with how the help window displayed


Release 1.11.2

Date: Sep 20, 2019


Fixed some dashboard related features, and cleaned up some errors


  • Sim Duplication error | Fixed a bug that prevented sims from being duplicated by the user
  • Sim name on dashboard showing incorrectly | Fixed an issue where hovering over the name of a sim would display an incorrect name of the sim
  • Static image uncaught error |  User was receiving an issue in some situations with static backgrounds. This is now fixed
  • Multiple hotspots uncaught error | Fixed an issue where a multiple correct answer hotspot would generate an error in the code

Release 1.11.3

Date: Sep 23, 2019


Fixed a rare case of a publishing issue


  • "Incomplete Sim" publishing issue | Fixed an issue when the system was denying the ability to publish a sim that was complete


Release 1.11.4

Date: Sep 27, 2019


Fixed a large amount of small bugs, mainly console steps and versioning.


  • Transparent Buttons in Console Step | Allowed for transparent buttons to once again be used
  • Image sequence corrupted frames | Fixed certain images appearing corrupted (Green) when viewing the sequence from Firefox and Edge
  • Console step buttons state errors | Fixed the state issues for console step so they can now be correctly set to ON/OFF/HOVER.
  • Hotspot tools properties window not appearing on first click | The properties now correct appear after selecting your tool to edit it.
  • Start sim modal window appearing in wrong circumstances | The modal window should now only appear when it needs to
  • Navigation using the dropdown in learn mode | This should now correct navigate user to the correct step
  • Audio overlay for first step in sims | Audio now will now start when start modal window is confirmed
  • LTI and new versions | Fixed some issues with LTI integration and publishing new versions of sims. 
  • Versioning issues | Fixed an issue that could reset the versioning of a sim, and errors when previewing from a previous version


Release 1.11.5

Date: Oct 3, 2019


A few various fixes, mainly focused around duplication of Sims with large videos


  • Duplicating sims | Sims with large videos should now properly process said videos without errors or issues with captions.

  • Sim properties | Fixed an issue where the test mode sim for a learn mode playback resulted in errors

  • Sim settings | Fixed an issue when reverting certain settings to default within Sim settings

  • Cover step & Planning tool | When creating a cover step within the planning tool, you now correct go directly into the editing screen when accessing it via the Authoring view.


Release 1.11.6

Date: Oct 11, 2019


Features some major bug fixes, including SCORM offline export functionalities.


  • Offline SCORM | Issues with some of the media files linking to our cloud servers have been fixed. Offline SCORM should now function fully offline.

  • Randomiser Step | Fixed some browser console errors that occured when navigating to this step

  • Dashboard Sharing | Fixed a bug that allowed sharing error messages to persist throughout different sim sharing screens

  • Video editor | Fixed a bug that prevented this feature from functioning at all. Note: This feature is still temperamental.

  • Placeholder/Thumbnail image | Deleting the source image no longer causes large errors within the sim

  • Publishing Sims | SimTutor now correctly publishes your sim if done via the Sim Properties

  • Folder of Sims | Fixed some permission issues that allowed users outside of sub accounts to be added to folders.

  • Console Step | In sim properties, when incorrect nativation checkbox was checked, it caused some inconsistencies with branching via the planning tool.