1.11 Release Notes (9 September 2019)


"Just over a week into September, and we've just pushed another release! Welcome to SimTutor 1.11. The main highlight of this release is a now fully downloadable SCORM package that will allow you to host SimTutor modules on your Learning Management Systems without having any connections to our servers (offline!). A bunch of other improvements and bug fixes below too.

Feel free to let us know if you have any feature requests or general improvement ideas - we'd love to hear them! Let's get into the release notes..."


New Features

Fully Downloadable SCORM Packages

As mentioned in the intro, SCORM packages now include all media and SimTutor assets to enable them to run offline in your own Learning Management System. Right now, this is only available for SCORM 2004 Version 3, but keep your eyes out for expanded functionality coming within the next month or two with support for the different SCORM versions, and even xAPI! 

The option to download these SCORM packages can be found under the SCORM tab in Sim Properties.

New Start Here Screen

Updated the legacy Learn/Test/Simulate "start here" screen to a new and improved design that has helpful clickable links to support pages and videos.


General Improvements

  • Improved quality of uploaded .png images
  • Improved visuals to know if your current sim is currently published up to date
  • Quiz step indentation now aligns itself better
  • Hotspots are now draggable from anywhere rather than where the hotspot text isn't
  • Arrow heads in the planning tool are easier to click and drag


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some backend planning tool errors
  • Small 360 media bug fixes
  • Added a restriction so that text boxes can no longer be dragged outside the workspace and lost
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a console step button would remove recently uploaded media
  • Allowed for up to 10 users per a free trial account, rather than 9 accidentally
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the invite users button in groups would remove the button to add sims
  • Additional images on cover steps now behave properly when moved