1.12 Fast Follow Release Notes (Oct 24 - Oct 29 2019)

These changes have been made post 1.12 release to fix or improve critical features within our platform.

Release 1.12.1

Date: Oct 24, 2019


  • SCORM Packages exporting with missing assets | Correct and incorrect cursors should now properly display in Offline SCORM packages.

  • SCORM Packages with the Static Image feature | Fixed an issue that caused static images from not displaying within Offline SCORM packages.

  • SCORM Packages with duplicated videos | Fixed an issue that would prevent the second instance of the same video from playing in an Offline SCORM package.

  • SCORM Packages with console step | Fixed issues from console steps not working properly, primarily with buttons their navigation

  • Timed cover step | For sims with cover steps with a delayed auto transition, the timer now starts from when the initial “start” modal window is closed.

  • Offline SCORM Step loading issues | Fixed an issue that sometimes made steps not load properly after navigating through the sim

  • Console Step button upload | Fixed a visual bug that showed that buttons were continuously loading even though the upload had been successful

  • Cover step overlay image | fixed a UI bug that sometimes prevented the user from saving or deleting the image

  • Picture swap with tools | The tool you are editing will now remain on the screen when you open the library tab while in the process of editing said tool.

  • Picture swap area properties | Fixed a small UI bug that caused the properties icon to appear in an incorrect place.


  • Top blue header bar removed from viewing completed SCORM packages on any version

Release 1.12.4 

Date: Oct 29, 2019


  • Optimised the time taken to load each step as you move through a sim.