Adding a Clickable External URL Link in a Cover Step

Adding a URL link can be useful for allowing the user to visit external sites (for things such as downloading additional documents/files, or finding out more information about the subject matter).

1. Once you have added a cover step, hit the actions button.


2. Select the "Insert an image" option


3. Upload the image into the box shown in the first image below. The image should be something clickable so that the learner knows that they should click on it, such as the second image below.


download button

4. Once uploaded, you can check the constrain proportions button and set the image to the exact pixel dimension you desire. Don't worry about this step too much, as you can adjust the dimensions using your mouse in the next step. Click save.


5. You can now drag to move/resize the image to the desired place. For keeping the aspect ratio of the image the same, hold the shift key when resizing. Once happy with the positioning, you can add the hyperlink to the image by hitting the properties icon.


6. Click on the image properties. Here is where you can input your URL destination and if the click will open in the current window the learner is on (not suggested) or if it will open in a new window (suggested) alongside some formatting settings.

(When setting the URL location, Ensure that your url bar includes the "https://" e.g.


7. Click the save icon, and then preview your cover step to test that it is working as you intended.