How to create a Hotspot Step (Basic details)

Learn how to make a basic Hotspot Step here! For more advanced functionality, check out the other support pages on the Step.

Instructions to Create a Hotspot Step

1. Click the "+ Add Step" Button.


2. Click on "Hotspot."


3. Give your Hotspot Step a name so that you can can distinguish the step in editor mode. This step name is not displayed to the learner - only for your reference. You must have a step name before you can add the step.


4. Upload an image for your Hotspot Step. This image is important as it will be what you will be drawing the hotspots on.


5. Change the instructions the learner will see, how long they will see those instructions before they auto hide, and the position of the instructions box on the screen.

You'll want to ensure these instructions give the learner a clear explanation on what they must do to complete this step. This is because when the learner loads into this step, they will see an image with no context (unless context is supplied in the image), so the learner will only have what you give them in these instructions.


6. Click "add" to move to the Hotspot drawing/editing screen

7. You'll notice that your Hotspot step that appears on the left will be in a shade of red. This is because there are no Hotspots yet. To draw our first Hotspot, click "Add a Hotspot"


8. You will have a few options here... Drawing a circle or square will draw you the respective preset shape that you will be able to move around/resize. We'll be drawing our own Hotspot here, so select 'Draw Hotspot" (Feel free to try adding the preset shapes - you can always delete a Hotspot by clicking on it and hitting your delete key)


9. Click to place dots around the shape you wish to mark with your hotspot. As seen below, I have given a bit of padding around the shoe so it gives the learner the benefit of the doubt if they click on the edge of the shoe. Once your object is surrounded by these connected dots, hit the "Complete" button to make that shape into a completed Hotspot.


10. All done! Your step will automatically save each time you interact with it, so go ahead and preview it to see if it is working as intended.


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