The Hotspot Editor + Multiple Correct Hotspots

This article will cover the Hotspot drawing screen, plus how multiple correct hotspots (in order too) will work.

Drawing Hotspots

Draw Square/Circle

Using this option to draw a hotspot will result in a pre-drawn hotspot that will appear on the top left of the screen. This can be useful for when your desired points of interest are a set square/rectangle/circle/oval shape, as it's much easier to use these pre-defined shapes over drawing your own.

Although it's a pre-drawn Hotspots, these shapes can still be manipulated by you. Click and drag it to move it around, and use one of the edge handles to resize the scale or width/height. You can easily delete these by selecting the Hotspot and pressing the"Delete" key on your keyboard.

Draw Hotspot

For a more customized fit Hotspot, you can draw your own. You can do this by clicking to place dots around the image - creating a polygon shape. Once you have successfully placed your dots, you can hit the "Complete" button that will appear (after placing at least 3 dots), and the Hotspot will form your shape. You can always hit the undo button if you make a mistake and start again, or you can just delete the finished shape by selecting it and pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

Hotspot Properties

Once you select a Hotspot, a small blue button will appear next to it. Click this to access that Hotspots properties.

Correct Hotspot

Having this checkbox checked means that this Hotspot is a correct answer for this step. You would want this unchecked if you would like to branch away from this Hotspot but it still be a wrong answer. If you aren't branching, having an incorrect Hotspot is the same as having no Hotspot there at all for the end user.

Navigate from tool/Navigate from Hotspot

Check out our support page on Tools for more information about these two options.

On select go to

This drop-down will define where the user will jump to once they click this Hotspot. By default it will go to the next step if correct, or stay on the current step if incorrect - but you can change either of these to any step within your sim, or even an external Sim (more on branching and external Sims in our other support pages)

Multiple Correct Hotspots

Multiple Correct Hotspots

By checking this option, you will force your learner to click on all Hotspots you have drawn that are marked as "correct". - much like a multiple quiz step. This feature is great when you want your learners to do multiple things on the same screen e.g. "Click on all the correct equipment for the task ahead"

Multiple Correct Hotspots in Order

Much like normal "multiple correct hotspots", checking this box will do the same thing with the exception of asking for a correct order of the Hotspots to be selected in. Once selected, you will find a new option in the Hotspot properties allowing for you to give that Hotspot an order. This is used for situations where the order of selecting something is just as important as what you select, such as when you are pressing buttons to turn on/set up a machine.

Allow Learner to Undo all

This adds a button for the learners view that allows them to remove any previously selected Hotspots for that step, effectively allowing them to start over. It will also deselect any tool that have selected at the time too.

Remove Submit Button

Removing the submit button will allows users to proceed with the multiple Hotspot step once they have selected all the correct answers. This option can be great as it takes away the extra click for the learner, and helps with immersion.