How to create a Cover Step (Basic Details)

Here is a quick guide to creating a simple cover step. Look out for our other articles on the cover step for more advanced features.

1. Click the "+ Add Step" Button.


2. Click on "Cover."


3. Give your Cover Step a name so that you can can distinguish the step in editor mode. This step name is not displayed to the learner - only for your reference. You must have a step name before you can add the step.


4. Upload an image by dragging and dropping one from your computer, dragging and dropping from the library, or clicking "Browse for files" and selecting the desired file. These images can be ether .png or .jpg. At this stage, GIF images are not supported by cover steps.


5. Change the instructions the learner will see, how long they will see those instructions before they auto hide, and the position of the instructions box on the screen. For at least the first cover step, it is a good idea to tell the learner that they must click anywhere to proceed to the next step. Changing the positions of the instructions is a good idea to avoid the instructions covering up any important part of your cover step image.


6. Click "Add" to save and add the step to your Sim. It's thumbnail will now show up on the left bar.


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