The Cover Step (Advanced Settings)

Read this article for more customization features for the Cover Step. Featuring: Audio Overlay, Visual Settings, Timed Transitions, Branching, and Learner Titles & Descriptions

Audio Overlay


Under the additional details tab, you can upload a .mp3 file to the Cover Step that will begin playing once the step loads. This can be of any length, but the learner can move on at any time. This audio can be paused, fast forwarded, or rewinded by the learner. If they choose to continue to the next step (by clicking on the screen), the audio will stop and the next step will show.

This feature can be great for narrations - giving a bit more detail than whats on the image. It also helps with learners that have trouble reading, or where English might not be a primary language.

Visual Settings


This is the area where you can change the colors featured within this specific step. These colors can be set using the color picker, or you can input a hexadecimal value to get the precise color you need.

The background color will change the area behind the background image (usually the far left and far right sections if using a widescreen monitor) to whichever color you wish. We recommend keeping this color pretty neural, as to not distract the learner from the more relevant image in the middle of the screen. Another good color to use if applicable, is the color of your background image. This works when you have a solid plain background for your background image, so the sides (background color) of the screen merge seamlessly with the background image.

The instructions font color changes the color of the font featured in the instructions box, whereas the background, to no ones surprise, changes the background color of said box. These two colors should have enough contrast so you can distinguish the text from the background.

The visibility of the step is for when you want to hide the step from the viewer, but not fully delete it. All navigation to and from this step will be disabled while hidden - it is effectively deleted except not permanent.

Lastly, making the instruction box transparent gives you to the option to have part of the background image that was behind the instructions box to show but in a low opacity.

Timed Transitions


Under the navigation settings of the Cover Step, we have a new feature that will force the learner to automatically proceed to the next step after a given amount of seconds. Leaving this box blank will mean the learner must define when they wish to proceed.



This dropdown allows you to select a step in your sim that the Cover Step will branch to once complete (learner clicks anywhere on the image). This is useful for situations such as when you are going down different branching scenarios, or need to track back to direct the learner to learn a section of information. Check out more on branching in the branching section of the knowledge base.

Learner Titles & Descriptions


The title and description in the navigation settings are the text that WILL show for the learner when they are using the navigation bar in learn or test mode. The title can be useful when the learner needs to navigate so they can see what step they are navigating to without having to click. You can turn these titles on for your learners to see in your accounts settings (click your name or the three lines at the top right). The description shows for the step the learner is currently on when they hover over the navigation bar.