Multiple Correct Answer Quizzes

Check out how to create both the 'multiple correct answer', and 'multiple correct answer in order' quizzes here!

Click here to check out an interactive example of the different types of Quiz Steps in action!

Multiple Correct Answer Quizzes

By selecting the multiple correct answers checkbox, you will enforce that your learners select ALL the correct answers, then hit a submit button to pass the step.

Simply check all the answers you wish the user to select, and leaves the incorrect ones unchecked.

Multiple Correct Answer in order Quizzes

Having the in order option selected will add numbers to each of the correct answers. These numbers define the correct order the learner will need to drag and drop the answers. The incorrect answers will still show on the list of options for the learner, but won't have a place on the other side of the screen as they are incorrect.

This drag and drop functionality is great for procedural tasks, such as putting the steps of a procedure in the correct order.

Branching in Multiple Correct Answer Quizzes

You'll notice a new branching option appear when either of these options are selected. Because of the complex nature of having multiple correct answers and the amount of possible outcomes that it could lead to, we have decided to simply the branching options to having a correct or incorrect branch. For the correct answer, the user can be taken down one path, and for all incorrect answers, no matter how close, they can go down another path. (Whether that be staying on the same step to try again, or to move them down an incorrect branch)