How to create a Quiz Step (Basic Details)

Here is a quick guide to creating a basic Quiz Step. Be sure to check out the other support pages on Quiz Steps for a more in-depth approach!

Click here to check out an interactive example of the Quiz Step in action

Instructions to Create a Quiz Step

1. Click the "+ Add Step" Button.


2. Click on "Quiz."


3. Give your Quiz Step a name so that you can can distinguish the step in editor mode. This step name is not displayed to the learner - only for your reference. You must have a step name before you can add the step.


4. (Optional) Upload an image for your Quiz Step. This might be something that gives the user some context, or simply a relevant looking image to improve aesthetics.


5. Type in your question that you would like to ask your learner here.


6. Here are some settings where you can change the function of your quiz step. For now, we will focus on the basic Quiz Step. If you'd like to learn more about the two different multiple correct answer quizzes, check out the other support page that covers them.

You can also select to randomize the answers too. Unchecking this box will display the answers in the order you have written them in below.


7. Type in a possible answer for the learner to choose from here. You can add as many possibly answers as you'd like, just be sure to mark the correct answers with the checkbox on the left of each. If you have multiple checkboxes marked (multiple answers that are correct), the user can

The right side features our branching functionality. For more on this, look for our support pages on branching.


6. Finally, choose the position that your question and answers will show on the screen. Then, click add.


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