1.10 Release Notes (24 July 2019)


"Hey all! This bigger-than-usual release will cover a few things, the main ones include the beta stage of 360 video and images, a new video player, accessibility improvements, and as always some bug fixes.

We're excited to experience the new release along with you, so keep in contact with us for any bits of feedback or new features that you think will make your SimTutor experience even better"


New Features

360 Media

All steps (apart from Image Sequence and Randomizer steps) now have the functionality to support 360 media! Turn your training into an even more realistic scenario by allowing your learner to explore the area in a full 360 horizontal and vertical plane. 

Video Processor 

The video processor has now been updated! Now you can simply upload any video of any quality, and SimTutor will now adaptively select the best resolution and quality for your learners playback. (Much like YouTube, you can also lock yourself at a quality if preferred). This also means that in the video step, high quality and standard upload options have now been removed. 


  • Closed captions can now be added to your videos. This can be applied in the library -> media properties of the video you wish to add the CC file to (.VTT file). You can then browse your computer for the subtitle file and it will be automatically available to your learners to turn on when viewing your sim. 

  • Improved accessibility for screen readers in learners sims. 

General Improvements

  • Responsive toolbar for steps with tools

  • Instructions box has been reverted to vertical text 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some bugs when Sim Properties was opened during creation of a step

  • Fixed help hover text in Sim Settings

  • Fixed some duplication of sims inconsistencies

  • Adjusted the font sizes of quiz questions and answers in learner view

  • Tools that are "Shown" now display even if no tools are correct