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(New!) The Planning Tool

This new feature will allow you to create storyboards for your training by mapping out anything from basic sims, to complex branching scenarios.

Watch the 20 minutes Webinar that gives you an outline of this new tool


The 'Planning View" as seen below, is the visual representation of the classic "Authoring View". It allows you to create a storyboard of your sim before adding media, or even which step type you are going to use for each step. It also helps with viewing branching within your sim and much much more.

Planning tool overview

1. Planning Step in Planning View

This is the planning views visual representation of a SimTutor step. All your steps will be shown in this grid whether you add them here or in authoring view (The classic SimTutor editing view)

2. Planning View Grid

Clicking on an empty square will automatically create a planning step in its place. This grid is infinite so you may add as many steps as you'd like your sim to have.

3. Step Title

The step title in planning tool is directly transferable with the step title in the authoring view. Allows you to give the step a name for you to distinguish it from the other steps in your sim.

4. Step Type

By default, any created step in planning view will be a planning step. This can be changed at any time to any of the other SimTutor step types. This planning step acts as a placeholder while you decide which step you want to use at a later stage.

5. Description

This description is purely for you to record any details about the step. Only you will see this, and only in planning view.

6. Correct Branch

This defines where the user goes to if they select this branch. The green dot/arrow coming off the step on the grid will reflect what step is selected here. You can have multiple correct paths too, and these dots can be clicked and dragged to create arrows/branches

7. Incorrect Branch

These are shown by the red dots/arrows coming off the steps in the grid. These are the incorrect paths that can still lead to showing a learner a consequence.

8. Adding more branches

You can add as many branches off a step as you'd like. A branch is a decision made by the learner, so for example, if I had 5 branches off a quiz step, I'd need to create 5 possible answers to choose from.

9. Delete Step

This will delete the step in both planning view and authoring view.

10. Align

This button will reformat your sim to present it in the neatest possible way to you. This is purely visual, and will not affect any of the branching or steps.

11. Compact

Compact view will show the steps and grid in a zoomed out view, allowing you to see more of your sim on the image.