What is a Hotspot Step?

A Hotspot step is probably our most versatile step. It's an interactive image based step, where the learner must select a correct portion of the screen to complete the step.

A "Hotspot" is another word for a correct area. With this step, you can draw these Hotspots over parts of the image that you deem as the correct answer. As seen below in the Hotspot editing screen - a Hotspot is drawn around the safety boots, meaning the learner must choose that answer in order to get the step correct. The learner won't see this transparent blue "Hotspot", but they must click within that area in their learner view.


Click here to check out an interactive example of the Hotspot Step in action!

Some uses for the Hotspot step include:

  • Identifying a correct button/part/area of an object
  • Selecting multiple items on an image
  • Procedural tasks such as interacting with an object or machine in a certain order
  • Menu steps - ability to navigate from different areas on the screen

...and many more! Contact us if you need ideas on how you could use this step in your Sims.

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