What is an Image Sequence?

An Image Sequence Step allows the learner to scroll through a series of images until they get to a correct image/position.

Try out a Demo Image Sequence Step here

Image Sequences are great for uni directional movement of an object, tool, etc - showing one or two differences between each image. As the learner clicks and drags in a direction, the images in the sequence scroll through, showing that change.

From the example above as you click and drag from left to right, you are just scrolling through the 10 images uploaded for that step - the only differences between the images are the numbers and the background colors.

Some examples for using an Image Sequence Step...

  • Finding the correct angle of a tool (up to 180 degrees)
  • Choosing the correct distance of an object
  • Moving an object in one direction

Plus many, many more applications. Check out the other support pages on Image Sequences to get some ideas for how this step could liven up your training!

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