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SIMTICS offers over 170 healthcare and medical simulation training modules across medical procedures, ultrasound, medical assisting, dental assisting, and basic life support. 

Why use SIMTICS?

You can’t learn clinical skills only by viewing texts, videos or observing a mentor. That’s like trying to learn to drive by sitting in the passenger seat.

Learning is not a spectator sport.

You need to “get behind the wheel” and learn by doing.

SIMTICS lets you take control to master and rehearse the skills you need.

Through simulation you get to practice and perform procedures and skills until you are ready to do the simulation test. 

Watch SIMTICS work

Repetitive online practice ensures that you are more competent to perform procedures in the real world work place. Click on the arrow below.


The web-based simulations enable you to practice as much as you need, anytime, anywhere to speed up your learning and build your confidence. Login anytime to keep your skills sharp!


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Online learning 24x7


Study anytime you choose. The online medical simulation training modules help you to become competent and confident more quickly. The opportunity to practice as much as you like will fast-track your learning. You can return anytime to keep sharpening your skills too. 


Mobile learning

You can start learning right away with any internet-connected device. No special equipment is needed. No sharing and no lines for the lab equipment! Study, practice or refresh your skills anywhere, anytime.  Our cloud-based software performs on any device. For the best learning experience with the simulations, we recommend a tablet or laptop size screen.




Advancing your skills and training is affordable. You can use your account like a library and change the modules each month or upgrade your plan if necessary. 


Fast-track learning with truly immersive, interactive simulations


The multi-media medical simulation-based training modules will enrich your learning experience and enable you to develop your skills fast. As you learn and practice your skills, you will build-up both your cognitive knowledge and the procedural skills. They will be embedded in your memory and serve you well in labs and on the job.



Dashboard - progress reporting at a glance


Your dashboard shows your how you are performing and gives  an overview of your daily progress. You can easily click and print your records too. For schools and colleges, the instructor can see the class group and keep track of student’s progress and test scores too.


Track results

Your practice activities, quiz results and test scores are logged in your personal logbook. The app logs your score, completion time and errors to show you where you need to improve.

You can download a certificate of completion once you have met the test criteria.

Multi-media medical simulation training with SIMTICS


3-D Anatomy







medical simulation training

The learning features

3-D Anatomy

The 3D models enable you to reveal layers from the surface anatomy and explore deeper structures, with labels and descriptions to help you learn.


Watch experts performing the procedures you are learning about with clear narration of the step-by-step demonstrations and accompanying text providing greater detail.


Textual information is provided which describes in detail the step-by-step processes and also includes illustrations, key terms and hyperlinks to external references. There are quizzes and tests to check your cognitive competence.

Simulation - the ultimate learning experience

The integrated cognitive simulations will enable you to learn, experience and test your ability to perform procedures. Like an online flight simulator – they put you behind the controls without putting anyone at risk. Simulation enables you to apply your learning to ensure that you are job-ready when you complete the course.


What do clients say about SIMTICS?



Anybody can look at a book, but when they actually do it in a simulation, they remember it… After studying with SIMTICS, it’s like the whole procedure is automatically embedded in their brains. the time the students come in to do the hands-on part on campus... they have the knowledge they need to recognize the medical terminology, and the instruments and equipment they need for each procedure. Now, when the instructor gets to them, they are prepared and ready to jump right in.”

Rayan Matthews, Director of the Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program at West Virginia Junior College (WVJC)

quote The simulated practice has realistic images and really helps students grasp the concepts we teach. SIMTICS will teach, remind, refresh, and keep things current in a student’s head throughout the entire program. They not only learn more effectively, but what they learn in the beginning is not forgotten because they can go back and practice each skill later, long after it was covered in class.

Students can be better prepared to start their careers. It can even lead to more students being hired right out of school due to the clinical performance demanded by the SIMTICS modules."

Cassie Belfancha, Expanded Function Dental Assistant and educator


When I first saw SIMTICS, I felt like a kid in the middle of a candy store with a discount card! The challenge for online teaching is helping students visualize what they need to do. With SIMTICS, students can step through procedures, making decisions along the way. They can practice as much as they want, where they want, so when it’s time to work in the clinic, they know what to do."

Chris Hollander, Medical Assistant and faculty member, Purdue University Global

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