SimTutor Pricing

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Give access to an unlimited number of creators and only pay for what you use with our competitive pricing module.


What is an active user?

A user is deemed as active from their first log in to SimTutor. If they do not log into the account for a 3-month period they become inactive, and you will not be billed for that user.

How much does it cost to build a sim?

The cost to make a Sim depends on the length, media you intend to use, level of quality you are aiming for, and how much existing media you already have. Producing Sims yourself can be incredibly cost-effective and quick.  If you have existing media you can make a Sim in a matter of hours. Alternatively, a simple training Sim created from scratch can be up and running in under a day.

Is there a contract?

No, our pricing plan is billed monthly, and if SimTutor is not working for you, you may cancel your account at any time.


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