eLearning and the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

With the medical device manufacturing industry becoming more competitive and saturated every year, companies must take every advantage they can to stand out among the crowd. eLearning offers that advantage across every layer of your business.
With staff getting up to speed in half the time at half the cost in comparison to traditional methods (Brandon Hall, 2001, IOMA 2002), MDM businesses are increasingly turning to eLearning for every stakeholder: from design to construction to deployment.
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Train to the same high standard, no matter where you are

In an increasingly globalized world, the team at an MDM business is unlikely to be locked to a single location - and yet all staff members must be held to a single, high standard, no matter where they are in the world.

eLearning provides both learners and trainers with a solution that ensures everybody in the diaspora of an MDM enterprise gets the same effective training, regardless of where they might be. Every trainee has access to the same resources, whether they are halfway across the country, or halfway across the world - and all performance in training can be tracked by the trainers regardless of where they are too.

Not only does this ensure a high level of standardization, it also keeps training costs low. No expensive physical locations to rent, no productive time wasted during traditional learning sessions, and no expenditure on travel to get everybody in the same place at the same time.


Remain compliant, no matter how rapid the changes

Devices and accompanying legislation are constantly being updated to better service users. Failure to comply and, even more difficult, stay up to date can result in damage not only to users and staff, but also to the business’ reputation as a whole.

eLearning provides rapid dissemination of mission-critical legislative documentation and compliance training. Its digital-first nature allows process and training changes to deploy near-instantly to all stakeholders-from manufacturing staff and sales to doctors and their patients. 

The fact that training modules are naturally more immersive and intuitive than paper manual equivalents also ensures that everybody, regardless of previous knowledge and training, is capable of understanding and applying the learning they need to create, sell, explain or use the devices as their needs dictate.



SimTutor is compatible with slideshows, video files, and static images. Use your existing content, create new programs with our easy drag-and-drop design interface or speak to our team for custom file integration.  


SimTutor comes with a learning management system as part of its baseline software to help you monitor and manage your learners. Already have an LMS? Integrate it with SimTutor with just a few clicks.


Keep your training modules and business information safe with SimTutor’s built-in security protocols. Only those with the authority to access your training will find themselves able to do so.

Remove the dangers, no matter the risk


There are no second chances in the MDM industry. From design to deployment, every part of the process needs to be high quality and low risk. This is mission critical.

eLearning offers a way to expose users to high-risk environments without the actual dangers of those high risks. Users can learn skills, apply them in realistic scenarios, learn from their mistakes and try again without putting themselves or anyone else in real danger.

Every step of the MDM process is quality-assured, safe and compliant, providing a better environment for employees and a better product for users.

Discover the power of scenario and simulation-based learning

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Learn how to ensure quality through effective training