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We live in an era of rapidly advancing technology, yet the way we learn remains essentially unchanged from our Stone Age past. We learn best when new information is related to the context in which we live, work and think — through storytelling. A good story with an interesting plot that engages the narrative-sensitive centers of our brain helps us understand a new situation intuitively.

Storytelling evokes mental pictures and learners remember the emotional connections and feelings the story creates.


Well-designed simulation and scenario-based eLearning immerses us in a life-like story and allows us to learn by doing. It mimics the real world, and we learn through seeing the consequences of our actions play out. When learning by doing is high risk, eLearning is the bridge from theory to practice. We can fail safely and repeat our methods without using resources, and we can access learning anywhere.

With a properly designed program, a non-cluttered layout, a strong narrative, and sensible level progression, eLearning offers an absorbing educational platform that gets you into a state of flow, where learning becomes a delight.

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SimTutor is an all-in-one planning and content authoring tool. It gives you everything you need to create and deliver effective simulation and scenario-based skills training.

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This is effective for developing soft and hard skills, as well as highly specialized procedural tasks.

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