Traditional classroom-style methods of learning are slowly disappearing and being replaced with eLearning. SimTutor pairs the most effective eLearning methods available: simulation and scenario-based.

Why Simulation?


Simulation eLearning is cost effective - less time is spent in traditional classrooms, and staff become competent and job-ready more quickly.

It’s safe - staff are able to learn in a physically safe, risk-free yet realistic environment.

And it works - trainers report that learners are more motivated when training is contextually relevant; learning by doing reinforces training, enabling better long term retention rates.

Why Scenario-based eLearning?


Scenario-based eLearning was designed for productive failure. It gives learners a safe place to fail and to learn from mistakes.

Critical thinking and decision making are also encouraged, giving context to different situations so learners can apply their best judgment.

Scenarios are stories, and these stories improve engagement and memory retention when relevant.

World Class eLearning Technology


The SimTutor platform is a world-class eLearning platform driven by the innovation and evolution of learning. It enables the planning and distribution of seamless immersive training experiences.

From intricate procedures and step-by-step ‘how to’ instructions through to rigorous health and safety compliance training, SimTutor replaces tedious and overly complicated manuals with fully interactive and responsive simulations, that are also trackable.

Use SimTutor to bring on-the-job processes to life. Safe and risk-free training experiences give you and your staff the confidence needed to excel.