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Cut staff training costs down to size
SimTutor can reduce or even remove the need for expensive face-to-face training. Learners can learn at their own pace and in their own place, so it’s convenient and extremely cost effective.

Simulated learning is a genuine alternative to face-to-face training. Benefit from significantly reduced training costs such as travel, venue and facilitation expenses, without compromising on quality.

Cut staff training costs down to size
Cut training costs

Existing training content (PowerPoint, videos, pictures, text and audio) can be quickly and easily repurposed to create interactive learning modules. All you need is a subject matter expert with a smart phone and you’re well on your way to reducing training costs and saving time.

Productivity matters. That’s why our simple, intuitive design means learning modules can be created by one of your team in hours, not days – regardless of IT skill level. Alternatively, our network of content creators can help with module development.

Reduce training time

Our online, mobile optimised training platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This gives learners more flexibility, and makes better use of staff downtime.

Our software is designed to make it quick and easy for anybody in your team to create high quality learning modules, regardless of IT skill level. Modular design makes creating bite-sized micro learning modules fast and easy.

Reduce IT costs

Our cloud-based platform integrates easily with all your internal systems - LMS, CRM, etc.

It’s quick and easy to create training, distribute modules, track results and report training outcomes – all in one system.