Easy to use

Easy to use

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Training has never been so easy.
Simply create your own learning modules with SimTutor then manage your own edits or updates quickly and easily.

Build powerful training the efficient way with SimTutor. Its intuitive, modular design makes it fast and easy for you to create, update and distribute content while the simulation style platform makes it easier for learners to retain information. With our highly immersive and visual ‘learn by doing’ approach you’re able to empower your learners to learn better.

Best of all, SimTutor can be used on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones, meaning learners can learn anytime, anywhere.

Training has never  been so easy.
Quick & easy.

Its simple, intuitive, click-drag-and-drop design makes it easy for anybody to create engaging learning modules – regardless of IT skills.

The modular design makes updating training content a breeze. Your training can finally keep pace with your business.

Existing training content (PowerPoint, videos, pictures, text, and audio) can be quickly and easily repurposed to create interactive learning modules. No need to start from scratch.

No IT hassles.

Our cloud-based platform can be implemented quickly and easily without IT hassles, costs or contracts. SimTutor also integrates easily with all your internal systems - LMS, CRM, etc.

SimTutor does more than help you create training. It also makes it easier for you to distribute modules, track results and gather data on training outcomes – quickly, easily and all in one system. There’s no need for any external or supporting software.

Easy to work with.

We offer transparent monthly per-user pricing with no restrictions on number of modules, editors or module creators. This means you know what your costs will be upfront.

Our high quality tutorials make it easy for you to understand how to use SimTutor, even for people with no IT skills.

If you want the benefits of SimTutor but don’t want to build your own training, we have experts who can help with module development.

We pride ourselves on great customer support.