Total certainty

Total certainty

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No worker left behind
SimTutor’s inbuilt results tracker gives you total certainty that your people are competent.

SimTutor is perfect for situations where you need to have certainty that your staff know how to do something. With our inbuilt Results Tracker reporting tool, you can easily monitor staff training results in real time. This makes SimTutor ideal for meeting compliance obligations, such as health & safety. Since everything is recorded this can help streamline your processes and cut back on paperwork.

There are also no safety issues in relation to people working with dangerous machinery as SimTutor ensures they know exactly what they’re doing well before they start the task in real life.

No worker left behind
Compliance made easy.

Modular design makes updating training content a breeze. Your training can finally keep up to date with changes in your business.

‘Learn’ and ‘test’ modes provide evidence – and an audit trail – that your people have been correctly taught how to perform tasks before they start work.

Reporting is easy too with professional reports or raw data available at the click of a button.

Peace of mind when it counts.

Simulation-based learning that mimics real life provides certainty that all your learners are competent and trained to the same standard before they start work.

Dashboard capability provides real time oversight of training completion and results, so action can be taken where needed.

Reduce risks.
Learning is simulated, so your people can learn and make mistakes without the risk of damage to equipment, customer relationships or people.