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Training that works
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We only truly learn by doing

Some of us are practical learners, some of us have short attention spans and some of us don’t count English as our first language, but all of us have a much better understanding of how to do something once we’ve actually done it.

This is why using traditional training methods, which revolve around memorising detailed operation manuals, can fail – particularly in high risk jobs where errors can be dangerous or costly.

SimTutor resolves this, enabling your people to learn at their own pace and practise real-life processes in a setting that’s well out of harm’s way.

Image - We only truly learn by doing

Developed by learning experts, SimTutor is a truly interactive and engaging experience that instils confidence in both learners and their trainers so that your people are job ready.

Better prepared people.

Our unique simulation based learning style means your people learn by doing. This results in greater engagement and knowledge retention.

‘Learn’ and ‘test’ mode features mean your people can learn how to do something – and you can test their competence – before they start work.

Our visual, interactive, video-centric module design is highly effective at breaking down language barriers and capturing even the shortest of attention spans.

Empowered staff.

Our unique ‘learn mode’ feature provides helpful prompts to learners. They can practice as many times as they like until they get it right.

Learning can occur when and where it suits your people, thanks to our online, mobile optimised platform.

No trainer bias, work distractions or pressure equals better training outcomes for your people.

Increased productivity.

Simulation-based learning is a genuine alternative to face-to-face training. You’ll no longer lose so many productive hours, pull out whole teams, stop work or run multiple sessions due to training meetings.

Our innovative learning style helps people reach minimum competence levels faster. This means they can start adding value to your organisation faster.

SimTutor is an online, mobile-optimised platform – which means learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This offers more flexibility and makes better use of staff downtime.