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Learn by Doing

Gain hands-on experience with customizable simulation-based training to build real skills for the real world.

Support Risk-Free Training Through Online Simulations

SimTutor gives learners the power to experience immersive real-world situations as many times as they need to so they can bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Learners explore our extensive library of pre-built simulations or get started with customized experiences built by their team.

As they begin training, learners are guided through the immersive learning experience as they make decisions about correct instruments, practices, and next steps.

Learners test their knowledge by removing guides from the simulations and using the skills they’ve developed to see how they’d fare in a real-world scenario. 

Administrators track learners’ progress with a detailed dashboard that outlines how learners are progressing through the simulations and where they may need extra support.

Bring Your Training Program to Life

Choose from over 200+ pre-built medical and allied health simulations in the SIMTICS library. Each interactive simulation is supported with a full video of experts performing the procedure as well as written materials to supplement in-person training.

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Easily build your own simulations using the content that you already have. Use images, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more to create immersive simulations that can be integrated into your training platforms to give learners the chance to build their skills in a safe environment. 

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Who’s Using SimTutor Simulation-Based Training


Simulation-based training is able to deliver better patient outcomes in an industry where deep knowledge is key and precision is vital. Transform healthcare education and career development by giving healthcare workers the chance to gain practical skills in a safe environment.

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Replicate the real processes and scenarios manufacturing workers may encounter on the job to ensure they know how to perform tasks safely, accurately, and efficiently. Simulations can be completed anytime and anywhere so workers are fully versed in regulations and best practices when they get to their job site.

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Offer students the chance to build real-world experience before they graduate. Immersive online simulations can significantly enhance learning effectiveness and retention—giving students the confidence and abilities they’ll need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

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Our Impact

4.1 million+

simulations performed

1.2 million+

quizzes taken


professionals trained



Building Real-World Skills at the University of North Dakota

In 2020, faculty at the University of North Dakota knew they needed a new way to support pharmacy and medical students and offer them opportunities for hands-on learning. SimTutor and the university partnered to launch a pilot program that gave faculty the chance to build their own customized simulations that gave students an interactive, virtual learning experience that they could complete anytime and anywhere.

“The impact of SimTutor in terms of resources, time, and student learning, is immeasurable…I can’t think of a single program or school that doesn’t need a tool like this.” - Dr. Richard Neal Van Eck, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning

As a result of overwhelmingly positive reviews from medical and pharmaceutical students and faculty across disciplines, the University of North Dakota expanded its use of SimTutor to deliver all medical simulations, asynchronous learning, and interactive tutorials. Today, many disciplines and programs at the University of North Dakota have successfully implemented or plan to use SimTutor Author including medical lab sciences, sports medicine, occupational therapy, and the physician’s assistant program.

What Our Partners Say

Cassie Belfancha, Dental Assisting Education Consultant

“I’ve never seen anything like this product. The simulated practice really helps students grasp the concepts we teach. They not only learn more effectively but what they learn in the beginning is not forgotten because they can go back and practice each skill later, long after it was covered in class. SIMTICS will teach, remind, refresh…and students can be better prepared to start their careers.”

Dr. Richard Neal Van Eck, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, University of North Dakota

“The impact of SimTutor in terms of resources, time, and student learning, is immeasurable. Once you show faculty how to use it, they’re off and running. The tool is largely invisible and the building process is 5 to 10 times faster than the competitor program we’re using. I can’t think of a single program or school that doesn’t need a tool like this.”

Christine Hollander, Medical Assistant and Faculty Member, Purdue University Global

“The challenge for online teaching is helping students visualize what they need to do. With SIMTICS, students can step through procedures [and] make decisions along the way. They can practice as much as they want, where they want, so when it’s time to work in the clinic they know what to do.”

Chris Ko DDS, Aloha Smiles Dental

"SIMTICS really helped me to save time training a new dental assistant. Instead of me teaching them everything in person, they could learn most of the basic skills from SIMTICS. I plan to use SIMTICS with all new dental assistants we hire."

Revolutionize Your Training Program

Get in touch to see how we can partner to provide your learners with real-world experience through simulation-based training.

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