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What we do 

We are passionate about simulation training. It's our mission to provide best-in-class simulation solutions preparing learners for real-life situations. 

Our solutions are trusted by schools, colleges, corporations and organizations around the world. Explore our off-the-shelf clinical procedural simulations or create your own custom or semi-custom simulation training specific to your needs.

Our products



  • Library of nearly 200 healthcare simulation modules for sonography, radiography, medical assisting, dental assisting and more

  • Modules combine virtual simulations with 3D anatomy, video, text and auto-graded quizzes, plus built-in logbook

  • 100% web-based, enabling students to practice as often as they need on any device - anytime, anywhere

  • Integrates with all major LMS platforms plus on-demand support from our customer success team



SimTutor Author

  • Easy to use online authoring tool for the creation of simulation and scenario-based learning

  • Build custom simulations using your existing content including slides, videos, rich text and more

  • Designed for all areas of medical education including other industries where training is mission critical

  • SimTutor offers a full instructional design service to help you plan and create your training


Healthcare training and education with SimTutor

SIMTICS, powered by SimTutor creates simulated clinical procedures to support healthcare skills education across the U.S. These simulation modules help transform the career education and professional development of medical workers and students.

Off-the-shelf training modules provide an instant solution to healthcare educators who need to up-skill workers or teach new skills to students as quickly as possible.  Alternatively, we also provide access to tools and skills allowing the creation of custom-built, simulation training solutions.


SimTutor's industry-wide expertise in simulation training

Our virtual, real-life simulations allow learning to take place in controlled and risk-free environments.  

We help you to prepare students and professionals for the real world. We bridge educational and skill gaps, improving learning outcomes. We keep your workforce trained at the speed of change - no matter what industry. 



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04 March 2020

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Without a doubt, the best way to learn anything is to do it. Practice and repetition build neural pathways in the brain that ...


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