Mistakes cost. Be certain that your people are ready to approach mission critical tasks with training that works.

By harnessing the power of simulation and bridging the gap between theory and practice, SimTutor gives you total certainty and confidence that your people know how to do something. Especially in critical situations where they have to get it right.

After all, pilots don’t fly planes for the first time based solely on information they read somewhere. They use simulators. That’s because they’ve been tried, tested and proven to work.

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When it has to be right, it has to be SimTutor.

Business benefits

Benefit - Training that works Training that works

Learning with SimTutor is a truly interactive experience, so it’s more engaging for learners and highly effective at embedding new knowledge.

Benefit - Total certainty Total certainty

Rest assured that your people are fully competent with SimTutor’s inbuilt Results Tracker.

Benefit - Cost effective Cost effective

Reduce or even remove the need for expensive face-to-face training. SimTutor can be used anytime, anywhere, making it an ideal training solution for remote workers.

Benefit - Easy to use Easy to use

Don’t waste another minute. Create easy learning modules with SimTutor then manage your own edits and updates quickly.

Case Study

Previously, Wireless Nation conducted their training face-to-face and all in one go. While their sessions had been effective, getting the entire installation team together for one meeting proved costly, time consuming and logistically challenging.

Our trainees are managing traffic on busy roads. The consequences of them getting things wrong are huge so we have to be certain they truly understand how to do it properly. Where SimTutor really brings value around competency-based training is that you can keep records of an individual's achievement. The user interface is easy, functionality is self-explanatory, and it really doesn't take long to get up to speed.

Ettienne Bezuidenhout,
Independent Traffic Control