About SimTutor

The future of technology in healthcare education is exciting. Online learning simulations are an integral part of a future-proof education system. SimTutor was founded by medical professionals to enhance the education of healthcare students, and enable them to learn from anywhere at any time.

Our education solutions are designed to improve training outcomes, stop education gaps, and keep the medical professionals we trust prepared to provide excellent care. Healthcare workers, nurses, doctors and more trust SimTutor for its mission-critical simulation solutions.

SimTutor Inc. was formed through the merger of sister organizations SIMTICS and SimTutor. As a unit, the company offers comprehensive simulation eLearning solutions — from concept to deployment — to support an organization’s training needs.

SimTutor Author is a content authoring platform designed for administrators to develop their own custom or semi-custom courses.

SIMTICS is an expansive library of nearly 200 healthcare simulation modules used by over 300 education institutions worldwide.

Meet the Team

Our carefully assembled team boasts a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. From seasoned IT and SaaS development to healthcare and education technology, we have extensive expertise in the medical simulation space.

Meet the Board

Collectively, SimTutor’s directors hold decades of international experience in industries ranging from medical devices and healthcare eLearning to property investment and manufacturing. This breadth of industry knowledge is a key factor that enables SimTutor to provide solutions across an enormous range of different companies and needs.