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Building a Better Workforce with Simulation-Based Training

Support all learners with virtual, hands-on training that ensures they’ve developed the skills they need for the real world. 

Our Story

In mission critical industries where deep understanding of processes is key and precision is vital simulation-based training is the safest bridge to help learners make the journey from theory to practice. SimTutor was founded to offer learners the chance to practice and build real-world skills in a risk-free environment, no matter where they are, using virtual, customizable simulations.

SimTutor now offers two options for simulation-based training solutions: the SIMTICS library of 200+ ready-to-use healthcare modules and SimTutor Author, a platform to easily create custom simulations for unique training needs.

SimTutor is on a mission to help learners build the real skills they need to excel in their roles as we work with our partners to modernize training programs around the world.  

Our Mission

Empower organizations to better prepare students and professionals for critical moments in the real world.

As a quality obsessed team of learning experts our job is to constantly work to keep making ourselves better. That means we’re always evolving and learning, and we keep it that way with a common code:

Foster greatness.

Love learning new stuff.

Add value.

Meet Our Team

Doug Kaplan

CEO & Director

Allan Meese

Chief Financial Officer

Jamil Geor

Chief Technology Officer

Guy Harrington

Vice President of Sales

Megan Sanders

Sales Director

Benny Jekel

Sales & Support Engineer

Jill Kraleman

Customer Success Manager

Ashley Meese

Customer Success Representative

Dantes Fernandes

Head of Development

David Sweeney

Lead Software & Content Tester, Automation Engineer

Amol Walanj

Lead Content Specialist

John Windsor

Co-Founder & Educational Advisor

Connect With Us

Stay up to date with the latest innovations in simulation-based learning to explore how you can modernize your training program and support every learner.

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