3 Ways Simulation & Scenario-based eLearning Changes New Hire Training

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How Simulation and Scenario-based eLearning Will Change Your New Hire Training

You’re done running through your onboarding material - in theory, your new recruits should be able to understand the material and hit the ground running. However, this isn’t always the case. It can take time, sometimes months, to get up to speed with new information.

And while some businesses can afford to turn these failures into ‘teaching moments’, high consequence organisations simply cannot afford to learn-on-the-go as a failure can result in life or death.

There is a lot to gain from leaving traditional face-to-face learning methods behind. Lecture-based learning, for example, often leads to a disconnect between the theory and practical elements of learning, creating gaps in understanding which can ultimately result in workplace incidents and dangers.

There are more effective learning methods that trainers can use, such as simulation and scenario-based eLearning, to build a learning environment and training structure that develops a competent staff, minimizing incidents.

In this blog, we look at the benefits to your new hires of using simulation and scenario-based eLearning.

Benefit 1: They’re both thorough in theory and practice

Simulation and scenario-based eLearning can set your new hires up for success from day one. These educating methods give your learners in-depth instruction and hands-on experience as they learn by fully engaging with their training.

These methods encourage lateral thinking on decision-making and problem-solving, which helps learners develop unique problem solving and reasoning skills. Traditional instructing, such as a written test or watching a video may not be immediately digested by the learner. Similar to how learners can be disengaged from traditional learning methods, they can also be overwhelmed, resulting in cognitive overload. This is when there is too much information presented at once, leading to the inability to learn - and something you, as a trainer, want to avoid.

Benefit 2: The results are measurable

Simulation and scenario-based eLearning are measurable as trainers are clearly able to see who has understood the material through their practical application. These truly immersive teaching methods give learners an almost first-hand opportunity to grasp the concept of the training and provide regular feedback to the teacher to assess their progress.

Having this measurability is great for ensuring company-wide compliance and allows you to identify any gaps (which isn’t done in traditional learning) to minimize the possibility of any risk and workplace accidents.

Benefit 3: They create immersive experiences

Simulation and scenario-based eLearning is immersive, and therefore able to create different types of training experiences for the learner. They are designed to be able to suit the skill levels and needs of all your learners. This will empower trainers to design training that is individually appropriate for your learners.

No longer will you have training designed as a one size fits all. This is particularly important when taking into account the health and safety regulations that require businesses to provide practical information, training, and instruction to workers. With ever-changing workplace rules, being able to adapt your training to address different languages, skills and learning formats ensures that your tutelage is effective.

Simulator learning will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are developing competent and confident employees. Your employees will derive value from their thorough up-skilling and will ultimately become more engaged.


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