7 Tips to Increase Learner Engagement


Check out the infographic below on seven tips to increase learner engagement.

While there are many ways that learner engagement can be improved, the following seven tips are among the most effective.

7 Tips for Increasing Engagement When Teaching

1. Go Mobile

Modern learners want mobile learning that can be consumed in micro-learning modules.

2. Get Social

Modern learners prefer to share learning experiences, so training must include a collaborative element - a human touch.

3. Emotions

Stimulate positive emotions to promote retention and engagement. Use humor, rewards, games, and acknowledgement.

4. Mistakes

Learners must be able to learn from mistakes and feedback in a process known as productive failure.

5. Scenarios

Learners must be authentic so include appropriate stories and relevant contextual scenarios.

6. Problems

Learning must present real-life challenges and problem-solving opportunities.

7. Learn by Doing

Learners need to learn by doing. Then must develop cognitive skills as well as physical skills to perform tasks with excellence through repetition and simulation.


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