An Unexpected Story

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Let me introduce myself. I am Clancy Marshall, CEO of SimTutor. A lot has happened since I was appointed by the Board last October. However, everything pales in comparison to the seemingly overnight ascent of COVID-19 and the recent passionate protests by the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

These events have marked this time in history and will forever change tomorrow. Change is an unexpected story. 

For educators needing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at SimTutor are in a position to help. As you know, we offer many healthcare educational simulation-based training modules, and at this moment, these have helped to complete the clinical procedural training of students who are ready to graduate and enter the healthcare workforce. Since March 1, more than 25,000 new students have used our SIMTICS library of clinical modules to complete their studies.

We are grateful to be ready to support our customer needs. We are proud as a company to help fight the pandemic. We are humbled by the trust our customers have in our solutions. SimTutor is always on-hand to support in any way we can. No matter what. 

In closing, I found an article in the Harvard Business Review weekly called Seven Leadership Principles for Managing in the Time of Coronavirus. These are great reminders of what leaders should embrace for their organizations, but the same principles can be applied to our community and family.

It will take grit, courage and perseverance to get through the world’s 2020 challenges. But change makes us stronger in unexpected ways.

Kind regards

Clancy Marshall

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SimTutor Inc is a global leader in simulation-based learning.

SimTutor Author is an authoring tool designed to help you build interactive procedural simulations and branched scenarios for any industry where realistic, just-in-time, measurable training is critical. 

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