SIMTICS Ranked for Innovation in Global Healthcare

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Without a doubt, the best way to learn anything is to do it. Practice and repetition build neural pathways in the brain that drive deeper learning and improve a learner’s ability to perform the skill competently.

Advances in technology have allowed cutting-edge enterprises like SIMTICS, to pioneer digitally-enabled simulation for medical education, using the distinctive authoring tool and platform provided by their sister company, SimTutor.

Using their award-winning online simulation-based learning modules, students and clinicians can learn new procedures or refresh their existing skills anywhere, anytime.  

A surprising proportion of learning any procedure is learning the cognitive skills to perform the task. SIMTICS has proven that this type of learning can be done online, allowing more time for the psychomotor skills to be honed and perfected during hands-on training.

Online simulations also provide additional practice, in addition to that provided in the clinical lab or sim center. Learners can repeat the simulation-based tasks as often as they need to develop proficiency and self-confidence, without incurring additional costs. Spaced repetition of the simulations ensures that learners maintain their skills.

Cherry Vanderbeke, COO of SIMTICS, says, “With the global shortage of healthcare workers, we are using education technology, designed by medical professionals, to support learners in any location with internet access. Whether it’s a doctor studying ultrasound in rural Nepal, a trainee medical assistant on a remote Alaskan island, or a sonographer in Zimbabwe who has to cycle to an internet cafe, we have a proven solution to support an industry that positively impacts the lives of millions of people around the world.”

SIMTICS is ranked in the 2019 Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Companies by Healthcare Tech Outlook. This recognizes the impressive progress SIMTICS has made in the global market and the positive learning outcomes it is creating for its education customers and for individual learners around the world.

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SimTutor Inc is a global leader in simulation-based learning.

SimTutor Author is an authoring tool designed to help you build interactive procedural simulations and branched scenarios for any industry where realistic, just-in-time, measurable training is critical. 

SIMTICS is a library of ready-to-use simulations for learning medical and healthcare procedures and skills, powered by SimTutor Author.