The Benefits of Scenario-based eLearning in the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

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In the medical device manufacturing industry, every single member of staff must understand the importance of training for procedures and compliance - not just for legality’s sake, but for the sake of the users of their devices.

Learning this training in a realistic context without the risk of doing it ‘for real’, however, has been a constant challenge for trainers in the medical device industry. Previously, we’ve discussed the use of simulation training to overcome this hurdle, but that is only one side of the coin.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the application of this simulation training through scenario-based learning. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of scenario-based eLearning:

Compliance training

Training staff members on regulatory compliance is crucial, but teaching the skills these often complex legislations demand is difficult. In fact, it’s one of the biggest difficulties in medical device manufacturing today: ensuring that the theory of compliance can be used in real life as well.

Scenario-based online educating presents realistic, real-life stories and environments that allow users to apply their learning, often through videos and other interactive methods. This ensures these complex procedures are in context, making them more relevant and meaningful to staff.

Accelerated expertise

Training in other industries can be relatively fast. A new staff member can get up to speed with compliance and quality requirements in a matter of weeks, if not days. In high-consequence industries such as medical device manufacturing, however, this is not always possible. Due to the nature of the product being created, training can be far more time-consuming.

Scenario-based eLearning enhances and accelerates the learning time by allowing users to experience learning environments repeatedly and in quick succession. It squeezes multiple scenarios into a single training module, allowing people to gain realistic experience in a far shorter time than it would for them to do so in real life.

Non-routine tasks

Where simulation training is excellent for practicing procedural tasks, scenario-based virtual learning excels in teaching complex decision-making and critical thinking in complicated situations.

For example, a given scenario may require a learner to understand the emotional experience of a patient, or in-depth, multi-layered technical skills, or simply being able to read somebody else’s emotions during a sale. Trying to provide a genuinely realistic scenario that presents this learning in real life is extremely difficult and often inaccurate. Scenario eLearning, on the other hand, allows professionals to gain technical knowledge outside of their skillset quickly and easily.

This is especially beneficial for sales personnel, who can learn how to present the product and discuss it credibly with clinicians and customers, resulting in better conversion rates.

Higher completion rates

Every trainer has had the experience of seeing a total lack of engagement from their trainees. It doesn’t matter how important the training might be: if the trainee doesn’t see the relevance, they are unlikely to engage with the content, and thus won’t be likely to learn it either.

Scenario-based learning online circumvents that common challenge by providing that relevance, resulting in more engagement, higher learner scores and ultimately more course completions. These experiences can be tailored, allowing for regular updates and resets to ensure that every trainee, no matter what their skill level or learning pace, has an opportunity to excel.

In short, there are few areas which scenario-based eLearning cyber-school cannot help trainess in this industry excel: faster, more complete and better-contextualized training, all based in a single methodology.

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