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Developing Healthcare Skills Through Immersive Simulations

Turn passive knowledge absorption into active learning by offering learners the chance to gain hands-on skills through simulation-based learning.

Gain Experience, Refine Skills & Develop Confidence

Simulations allow learners to complete processes and procedures in a risk-free environment, as many times as they need to. Whether you choose from a library of pre-built healthcare courses or build your own customized simulations for your learners’ unique context, SimTutor is an affordable way to deliver asynchronous training to help learners navigate any situation.

A Library of Courses to Develop Clinical Skills

The SIMTICS library features 200+ courses to help students train in everything from administering injections to understanding electronic health records to patient communication. Give your learners the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere as they learn new processes or refresh their knowledge.

Power Your Training with Customizable Simulations

SimTutor Author is an easy-to-use platform you can use to quickly build personalized simulations from the content you already have. Use images, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more to create interactive simulations that can be integrated into your existing training platforms to support active learning. 

What Our Partners Say

Cindy Parke, Director of Professional Education Centre

“I consider my decision to utilize your products in my own ultrasound training to be one of the best I have made as Director.”

Chris Ko DDS, Dentist

"SIMTICS really helped me to save time training a new dental assistant. Instead of me teaching them everything in person, they could learn most of the basic skills from SIMTICS. I plan to use SIMTICS with all new dental assistants we hire."

Sarah Kelly DDS, Dentist

"Even though we always hire dental assistants who have experience, we typically find they have inconsistent knowledge and skill levels. SIMTICS will help us to address this issue, by providing self-paced learning that we can give our new hires so they all start out with a common, consistent base of knowledge. Our existing DAs are interested too - they’ve never seen anything so interesting and visual for dental assisting!"

Christina Adriano, Ultrasound Technician

"As an ultrasound technician who works alone and is contracted with an outside imaging center this website is an absolute savior! I wish I would’ve found this sooner, but better late than never. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making learning so easy, accessible and affordable! I still come back to SIMTICS, 4 years later, to refresh my skills in certain scans that I don’t get to do very often."

Empower Your Healthcare Workers with Modernized Training

Contact our team of simulation specialists to explore how you can enhance your training program with simulation-based learning. We’ll collaborate with you to offer your learners authentic real-world experiences that set them up for success.

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