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Customizable Simulation-Based Training to Empower Your Learners

Offer learners the chance to experience situations and develop skills, anytime and anywhere. SimTutor Author gives you the power to build interactive simulations, personalized to your learners’ unique needs and context.

Build Real-World Skills in Immersive Simulations

Transform your training program using the content that you already have. You can quickly build interactive simulations using images, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more to represent the real-world situations your learners will experience. With branching scenarios, built-in quizzes, controllable tools, and first-person perspectives, you can create a realistic simulation that can be integrated into your training platforms to give learners the chance to build their skills in a safe environment. 

Whether it’s learning a new skill, refining a technique or satisfying regulatory requirements, SimTutor Author is a powerful way to give your learners the experiences they need to succeed.

Uncover Learning Insights with Advanced Tracking and Reporting Tools

SimTutor’s detailed dashboards give you insights into learner progress as they develop real-world skills with simulation-based learning. Track learning progress, monitor simulation and quiz results, and see where most time is being spent. 

Narrow in on individual learners to track progress and identify areas for additional support, or zoom out to whole-group performance to understand the efficacy of your training program and ensure that all learners are on the path toward mastery. 

Building Real-World Skills at the University of North Dakota

In 2020, faculty at the University of North Dakota knew they needed a new way to support pharmacy and medical students and offer them opportunities for hands-on learning. SimTutor and the university partnered to launch a pilot program that gave faculty the chance to build their own customized simulations that gave students an interactive, virtual learning experience that they could complete anytime and anywhere.

“The impact of SimTutor in terms of resources, time, and student learning, is immeasurable…I can’t think of a single program or school that doesn’t need a tool like this.” - Dr. Richard Neal Van Eck, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning

As a result of overwhelmingly positive reviews from medical and pharmaceutical students and faculty across disciplines, the University of North Dakota expanded its use of SimTutor to deliver all medical simulations, asynchronous learning, and interactive tutorials. Today, many disciplines and programs at the University of North Dakota have successfully implemented or plan to use SimTutor Author including medical lab sciences, sports medicine, occupational therapy, and the physician’s assistant program.

National Geohazards Monitoring Centre

Holly Godfrey, Exercise and Education Coordinator

The level of learner engagement we can achieve by using the interactive functions that SimTutor Author provides has greatly increased the effectiveness of our training programmes. Their customer support services are fantastic - any questions or issues we may have are rapidly addressed, which is important in our fast-paced environment.

Start Building Your Own Personalized Simulations

Ready to power up your training program? Get in touch to see how we can partner to provide your learners with real-world experience through simulation-based training.

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