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Your Solution for Risk-Free Hands-On Training

Modernize your training program with virtual simulation-based learning to offer learners the chance to explore, learn, and grow anytime and anywhere.

Welcome to the Future of Learning

Active Learning in a Safe Space

By engaging in interactive simulations in which learners are actively practicing and making decisions, learners can bridge the gap between theory and practice to start developing real skills. Completing online simulations allows learners to practice as many times as they need to, no matter where they are. 

Build Muscle Memory for Long-Term Results

Students aren’t just practicing, they’re building skills. Simulations fire the same brain neurons as completing actual physical tasks, helping learners build a mental framework so that they’re ready when they need to complete the task for real. 

Reduce Costly Training Fees

Ditch costly lab fees and long hours spent on in-person training. Virtual simulations are an affordable way to democratize learning for all learners, whenever and wherever they choose as they gain new skills or refresh their knowledge.

Build a Training Pathway Based on Data

Admins gain access to powerful insight dashboards to transform their training. Narrow in on individual learners to track progress and identify areas for additional support, or zoom out to whole-group performance to understand the efficacy of your training program and ensure that all learners are on the path toward mastery. 

Master Clinical Skills With Simulation-Based Learning

Support healthcare learners and improve patient outcomes with immersive skills-based training that helps build real skills for the real world. Whether it's navigating a complex procedure or honing patient interaction skills, SIMTICS offers learners a safe environment in which they can learn, practice, and excel.

SIMTICS features 200+ pre-built simulations in topics like respiratory care, medical assisting, sonography, and more. Each immersive simulation guides learners on their path toward mastery as they gain hands-on experience. Learners are also supported with expert-led videos of techniques and procedures as well as written materials and quizzes to help supplement their training.

Whether you're an individual learner looking to enhance your skills or an organization seeking to transform employee training and development, SIMTICS can help learners gain the practical skills they need to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Quickly Build Customized Simulations for Your Team

SimTutor Author offers trainers a simple way to build simulations using the content you already have. With an easy-to-use interface and building tools, you can create simulations using videos, images, PowerPoint slides, quizzes, and more to offer learners personalized simulations for their specific environment.

Christiana, Radiologic Technologist

I wish I would’ve found this sooner, but better late than never. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making learning so easy, accessible, and affordable! I still come back to SIMTICS four years later to refresh my skills in certain scans that I don’t get to do very often.

Revolutionize Your Training Program

Get in touch to see how we can partner to provide your learners with real-world experience through simulation-based training.

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