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Transforming Healthcare Education for the Modern World

Give students the tools they need to excel in their roles with 180+ hours of interactive simulation-based training that are proven to deliver better training outcomes. 

Better Training and Better Outcomes

Build Muscle Memory

Build real skills for the real world by using simulations to create mental frameworks that ensure students are ready when they need to actually complete the task.

Risk-Free Practice

Interactive simulations allow students to actively make decisions, and offers them the chance to practice the procedures as many times as they need in a safe space.

Power Up Your Training

Explore insightful dashboards to understand the progress of individual learners or zoom out for a holistic view of how cohorts are progressing on the path toward mastery.

Transformative Training for Every Learner

In Person Labs

In Person Labs +

Skills Development

Learners must wait for a turn and passively watch someone else.

Students get more practice and build skills more quickly, leading to lasting knowledge retention.


High costs for lab space, equipment, consumables, staff, and maintenance.

Save money through less wear and tear on equipment and lower consumables usage with affordable access options.

Ease of Access

In-person lab time is limited and caps student practice time.

Accessible anytime, anywhere and as often as needed.

Real-Time Feedback

Instructors have limited bandwidth to provide real-time feedback for every student and feedback is often subjective.

Objective, real time formative feedback is given to students while they’re learning. Faculty and students also get detailed, summative performance feedback for individuals and cohorts.


Students often suffer from performance anxiety when performing a procedure for the first time in a lab or clinical setting.

Students who work with SIMTICS simulations have much higher confidence levels when they actually have to complete a new procedure in the real world. 

What Our Partners Are Saying

Brian Dickens, MBA PhD, Medical Program Director, Florida

[SIMTICS] is AMAZING. We just adopted it into our school system and expect to keep…Great for visual learners, critical thinking, [and] students can print certification from modules for their portfolios. Reasonably priced and superb customer service.

Christine Hollander, CMA (AAMA), MA, M.Ed, Purdue University Global

The analytics offered by SIMTICS allow instructors and clinical managers to see where students are excelling and struggling. We know where students need help and we can support them. Being able to practice the skills again and again online can turn students’ weaknesses into strengths.

Bring Simulation-Based Learning to Your Training Program

Reach out to our team of simulation experts to see how you can modernize your training program with simulation-based learning. Get in touch to see how we can partner to provide your learners with real-world experience through simulation-based training.

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