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Supporting Safe, Accurate, and Efficient Manufacturing

Use immersive simulations to allow manufacturing workers to experience the real scenarios and challenges they may encounter on the job.

Consistency in Training for Better Outcomes

Simulations offer a hands-on learning experience where manufacturing workers can practice operating machinery, following procedures, and troubleshooting potential issues in a safe, controlled environment. Regardless of their location or background, asynchronous simulations provide trainees with consistent, personalized training to stay up-to-date on best practices and regulations. By immersing themselves in realistic scenarios mirroring actual manufacturing challenges, employees develop the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities they’ll need to excel in their roles. 

Create Your Own Simulations in Minutes

SimTutor Author simplifies the process of creating personalized simulations by using your existing content. Leverage images, presentations, videos, and more to craft interactive learning experiences that seamlessly integrate into your current training platforms. Your simulations can provide immediate feedback on performance, allowing workers to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments in real-time to accelerate the learning process.

What Our Partners Say

Russ Nettle, Global Vice President of Customer Success, Canon Medical Systems

“We’ve been looking for a more modern way to deliver education for the last couple of years because we’ve really needed something more sophisticated and interactive for real asynchronous online learning. SimTutor Author gives us that capability and flexibility. Having actual simulation allows us to deliver more value to our customers.”

Empower Your Manufacturing Workers with Interactive Training

Contact our team of simulation specialists to explore how you can enhance your training program with simulation-based learning. We’ll collaborate with you to offer your learners authentic real-world experiences that set them up for success.

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