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Deliver Consistent Hands-On Training for Better Outcomes

Transform medical device training with interactive simulations to help hone skills, ensure precision, and achieve excellence in practice.

Master Medical Device Procedures with Immersive Simulations

Discover the transformative power of interactive simulations tailored to support training for the medical device industry. Simulation-based training offers a risk-free environment for honing skills and mastering procedures, fostering continuous improvement and standardized training across teams no matter where they’re located. Asynchronously educate and train your workforce as regulations and technology change to give learners the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

Customized Training for Your Workforce

SimTutor Author is an easy-to-use platform you can use to quickly build personalized simulations from the content you already have. Use images, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more to create interactive simulations that can be integrated into your existing training platforms to support active learning. Utilize tools like branching decision trees to require learners to make critical decisions and see the immediate consequences of those decisions to encourage active learning that builds real skills. 

Whether it's training on new equipment, troubleshooting procedures, or reinforcing compliance protocols, experiencing learning within a simulation drives proficiency, efficiency, and excellence in medical device manufacturing.

Delivering Asynchronous Learning in a Demanding Industry

To properly serve their healthcare industry clients, it was critical for Canon Medical Systems to find a way to address their constant need to educate and train medical technologists whose schedules were often too demanding for on-site training. Due to high turnover and constant advancements in technology and regulations, training technologists, radiologists, and cardiologists had become an expensive and time-consuming process. 

Canon Medical Systems partnered with SimTutor to find a solution to their training dilemma. By using SimTutor Author, Canon can now create customized simulation modules that can be completed anytime and anywhere. As technology and education requirements change, each module can be easily updated to ensure that all workers are getting the up-to-date hands-on training they need to excel in their roles.

What Our Partners Say

Russ Nettle, Global Vice President of Customer Success, Canon Medical Informatics

“We'd been looking for a more modern way to deliver education to our customers because we really needed something more sophisticated and interactive for real asynchronous online learning. SimTutor Author gives us that capability and flexibility. And having actual simulations of our software allows us to deliver more value to our customers.”

Holly Godfrey, Exercise and Education Co-ordinator, National Geohazards

"The level of learner engagement we can achieve by using the interactive functions SimTutor Author provides has greatly increased the effectiveness of our training programs. Their customer support services are fantastic - any questions or issues we may have are rapidly addressed, which is important in our fast-paced environment."

Empower Your Workforce with Modernized Training

Contact our team of simulation specialists to explore how you can enhance your training program with simulation-based learning. We’ll collaborate with you to offer your learners authentic real-world experiences that set them up for success.

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