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Prepare Urgent Care Staff for Real-World Challenges with Immersive Simulations

Enhance your urgent care training program by helping staff build hands-on skills through interactive simulation-based learning. 

Transform Your Urgent Care Training Program

Simulation-based learning allows your staff to practice procedures, diagnostics, and communication in a safe, risk-free environment, as many times as needed. Choose from our extensive library of pre-built clinical skills courses or create custom simulations tailored to your clinic's specific needs. Our affordable, asynchronous training solution ensures that your learners can develop the skills they need to handle any situation confidently.

Reach out to our team of simulation specialists to discover how our platform can be used to build a staff of well-prepared and confident healthcare professionals. We'll work with you to create authentic, real-world experiences that prepare your staff to excel in their roles.

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Comprehensive Library of Clinical Skills Courses

The SIMTICS library offers over 200 pre-built courses to help learners master everything from administering injections to patient communication and understanding electronic health records. Provide your learners with the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere as they work on developing muscle memory that translates directly to the scenarios they’ll face in the real world.

Customizable Simulations to Prepare for Any Challenge

SimTutor Author is a user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly create personalized simulations using your existing content. Integrate images, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more to develop interactive simulations that fit seamlessly into your current training program to give learners the chance to build their skills in a safe environment before they're faced with real-world challenges.

What Our Partners Say

Patricia, Recent Sonography Graduate

As a new ultrasound tech, I have found SIMTICS to be extremely helpful in reviewing protocols and pathology for areas that I have not fully had a chance to see or scan in school or my internship. I love the videos that guide you through each scanning protocol and what images are needed.

Deisy Velasquez, MA Student

SIMTICS is a great virtual hands on experience that gives you a visual presentation as well as anatomy information based on the subject that you are looking for. For example I am doing minor surgeries and it shows me the preoperative instructions as well as the postoperative of the minor surgery and caring for the patient. They have key words that you can click on if you need the definition. They also have a simulation section where you can practice as if it was the real thing and they offer you the option if you want a practice run or a test version and they offer scenarios to give you an idea of what you might see in a clinical setting.

Dr. Noel Alonso, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics; Co-Course Director, Physical Diagnosis

I had to learn medicine without this type of resource so I know what it's like to feel you have no experience. SIMTICS truly puts the student at an advantage.

Christine Hollander, CMA (AAMA), MA, M.Ed, MA Faculty

The analytics offered by SIMTICS allow instructors and clinical managers to see where students are excelling and struggling. We know where students need help and we can support them. Being able to practice the skills again and again online can turn students’ weaknesses into strengths.

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