For medical device companies

On-demand training for your sales team

Increase sales by improving access, timeliness and effectiveness of your training

Easily build simulations from existing content and training modules
Unlimited access and practice time for your end users
Use your simulations to track proficiency at every single step of a procedure
Deploy standardized, trackable programs no matter where employees are in the world
Ensure regulatory compliance with rapid training adjustment and deployment
Ensure everyone company-wide understands new information and can apply learnings respective to their roles - sales, production, design

For medical schools

Supplement your clinical lab training with unlimited practice

Get a level of insight that's not possible by watching a class of students in person.

Easy and fast to build simulations from existing content such as powerpoint and training modules
Unlimited practice time for your students in a no-risk environment, anytime and anywhere
Use online simulations to increase proficiency at every single step of a procedure or process
Promote learner engagement with life-like simulations

Making simulations simple ...

SimTutor Author is so easy to use, you can get started immediately!

Simple and intuitive interface.
Requires no coding skills.
Use any existing content you have (e.g. images, PowerPoint files, text, videos).

Accelerate your whole creation process with our unique planning view!

Perfect for visualizing and creating branched scenarios.
Easily switch between the planning and authoring views.
When you edit, your changes are saved in both views.
Some customers find it 5X faster to create in SimTutor Author!

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