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Quickly and easily build simulations and online training within Teams.

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SimTutor Author is simple & intuitive to use. Planning and creating is fast and easy!

Watch Your Training Come To Life In Your Teams Environment

Easy To Use Authoring View

SimTutor Author offers a wide variety of ways to present content and encourage learning. Every "step type" has a straightforward interface that empowers you to rapidly create highly interactive learning objects.



Drag & Drop Branched Planning

Our drag and drop interface makes it quick and easy to build simulations that include branching scenarios, allowing your learners to make decisions and see the consequences.



Use Your Existing Training Content & Media

See how easy it is to load your current PowerPoint or PDF training files into SimTutor within Teams and get started. Video chat with your colleagues to discuss course design decisions or to get feedback.



Harness The Power Of Microsoft Teams

Co-create custom simulations in real time within Teams. Screenshare together, whiteboard, or breakout in virtual rooms to create valuable training. Be available to answer questions from learners whenever they most need you, so they can get on with the process of learning!



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See for yourself how the unique features of SimTutor Author in Microsoft Teams will take your online learning to a new level.

Our Plan & Pricing

One simple subscription gives you access to Simtutor Author within Microsoft Teams.

SimTutor for Teams

$ 6

per user / month

  • Unlimited training modules
  • Unlimited training content
  • Integration into Teams
  • Access to Help Center

What Makes SimTutor Author Unique?

Dr. Richard Van Eck from The University of North Dakota tells us his thoughts on SimTutor Author.

“This is for building any kind of interactive tool. It’s got a low learning curve and you can get into it very quickly. But if you don’t have good customer support, that will only go so far, and that has been the thing that has really pushed us over the top with SimTutor. With their flexibility and commitment to innovation, it’s been a true partnership.”