Technological innovation is driving improvement and change in the medical device manufacturing industry – and simulation training is essential to upskill MDM employees as well as healthcare workers who use their devices.

In an industry that is rapidly expanding and becoming saturated, simulation learning offers advantages to medical device manufacturers which can make them stand out from their competitors. It offers advantages across every aspect of the business – from design to deployment.

The benefits that simulation learning offers affect not only the performance of clients using the end-product, but can ensure cost-effective efficiency across the board.

MDM businesses and their various teams are discovering the benefits of switching to simulation-based training.

Deploy standardized programs no matter where workers are in the world.
Provide effective, critical training for mission-critical processes.
Get devices to market sooner with faster training.
Ensure regulatory compliance with rapid training adjustment and deployment.

Keep compliance training updated

In an industry where compliance requirements demand that every staff member must be competent, simulation learning provides a risk-free method to develop staff competence, without the dangers or discomforts of learning on the job.

With constant changes and updates of the devices as well as the legislation, it is vital for staff and users to be rapidly updated. Failure to comply could put the business’s reputation at risk as well as potentially harm patients.

Simulation eLearning allows for the rapid sharing of business-critical legislative information and essential compliance training. Being digital, it can be disseminated almost instantly to all stakeholders – to the employees of the manufacturing company, as well as to healthcare professionals and their patients.

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Adaptable and flexible

Rolling out updated information and training could be extremely challenging without the use of simulation eLearning.

Simulation training, on the other hand, enables updates to be rolled out rapidly. It can be customized to meet the requirements of specific teams within an organization. Sales teams, for example, can experience how a medical device operates in a clinical setting. They can understand what it’s like to ‘walk in the customer’s shoes’ and build credibility with clinicians during the sales process.

Being immersive and interactive, simulation eLearning ensures that stakeholders actually DO the training, rather than just glancing at the paperwork that might otherwise be disseminated.

Simulation learning ensures that everybody understands the new information and can apply the learning in their respective roles – whether it is production, sales or the actual use of the devices with patients. It allows everybody to achieve competence in their own roles while ensuring a consistently high standard across the business.

Simulation-based learning is revolutionizing healthcare education.

Meet quality requirements easily

In the medical device manufacturing industry, safety is mission-critical. There are no second chances. From the design of a product to the end-user, every step must be executed with quality and accuracy to minimize risk.

Quality management systems and the relevant industry organization standards require specific steps and procedures to maintain quality and compliance, such as:

  • Maintaining workplace cleanliness and sterilization
  • Accurate calibration of equipment
  • Effective testing of equipment
  • Corrective measures when necessary
  • Other technical specifics

Simulation training allows MDM employees to learn and practice skills in realistic scenarios, but without exposing them to actual high-risk environments and the dangers associated with them. They can learn from their mistakes and practice repeatedly until they master the lesson. There is no risk of harm to themselves or compromise to the safety of others or the environment.

This means that employees can maintain quality-assurance and regulatory safety and compliance at every step of the MDM process.

Standardize company-wide training


Training is scalable at a global level. Many medical device manufacturers market their products on a global scale and so they need to update and train their teams across international borders.

Simulation eLearning ensures that everybody across the organization, no matter where in the world they are located, can receive the same training. Trainers can also track the performance in training of the employees regardless of their location. As long as they have a connected device, even a mobile phone, the employees can participate in the training.

This ensures that high standards are maintained globally. It keeps the cost of training to a minimum. Trainers and learners don’t have to undertake the high costs of time and money that would be required to go jet-setting to international training events. There are no travel expenses, venue hire costs and no time wasted on classroom or lecture-type events. No logistical nightmares!

Research show that staff training occurs in half the time and half the cost when done via simulation eLearning compared to traditional training methods. (Brandon Hall, 2001, IOMA 2002)

A benefit of faster training is that production is more efficient and devices can reach the market sooner.

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Remove the dangers, no matter the risk

There are no second chances in the MDM industry. From design to deployment, every part of the process needs to be high quality and low risk. This is mission critical.

eLearning offers a way to expose users to high-risk environments without the actual dangers of those high risks. Users can learn skills, apply them in realistic scenarios, learn from their mistakes and try again without putting themselves or anyone else in real danger.

Every step of the MDM process is quality-assured, safe and compliant, providing a better environment for employees and a better product for users.

Discover the power of scenario and simulation-based learning

Forward-thinking companies are deploying simulation-based eLearning to achieve more effective training, to save time and to save costs.

Better-trained employees are better equipped for their roles and this has an impact on the company's ROI.

With SimuLearn you can plan, create and disseminate your training using our software, or you can outsource that process to our professional creative team. Speak to us today and change the way you create your training.