The distinctive tool for branching scenarios

SimTutor Author is an uncomplicated authoring and editing tool that you can use to create branching scenarios.

What are branching scenarios?

A branching scenario or branched scenario can be defined as a learning activity which presents learners with a question, problem or decision with multiple options, each with its own consequence or set of consequences. It can be compared to a choose-your-own-adventure story, where each possible option presents a different outcome.

Where or when should branched scenarios be used?

Complex branched scenarios are highly effective for developing critical thinking skills as well as procedural skills. This article explains how they can be used for both of these types of training: How Complex Branched Scenarios Fast-track Critical Thinking Skills


How to create branched scenarios using SimTutor Author

The image below shows the planning view of the flow of  a branching scenario, created using the SimTutor Author content authoring tool.

You can simply click on each block to edit the title of that step. You can also edit the type of step it will contain, such as a hot-spot, a quiz step, an image swap, a randomizer, or any of the other four types of steps that are available in SimTutor Author.

Each pathway describes a situation and asks the learner to decide from a range of possible options. Each pathway leads to a different consequence and the learner must then make another choice and learn from the feedback.

Below is a zoomed in view of a decision pathway, showing thumbnails of your editable content and what type of step each one is, for example a multiple choice quiz, hot-spot, a video or any other option.

Check out this short demo video that shows a lesson and how quickly it was created using the SimTutor planning and authoring tool.